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Ive never really cared to interact with anyone on this site just felt like a total leech just downloading so now i'm in the process of uploading my collection in my off time. I work graveyard shifts so i have a lot of free time

My interests

sexual:Light bdsm(collars,handcuffs,the occasional whip) :one piece swimsuits :athletic girls :My biggest turn on is a girl wearing glasses, doesnt matter if their prescription or an accessory( I have in the past put my own glasses on a girl i was having sex with). to me they can easily make a girl i normally wouldnt be interested in into someone i just have to take home

Non sexual:combat sports :some anime, preferredly anything gainax or madhouse. Id rather stab myself in the leg than watch anything with an isekai tag :I am a fairly decent cook :video games, dragon age, mass effect, pretty much anything pokemon. I'm also a big fan of team Ico

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What I've been saying

R.Mercer2855 – Sept. 17, 2017

It's pisu hame, episode 4 or 5 I think


What People Say to Me

hentaiscavenger – March 12, 2018

thought it was digital art from the thumbnail, props to whoever drew that.

Genocyber – March 7, 2018

Solo le agregaron color y cambiaron el dialogo.

Genocyber – March 7, 2018

Es una escena editada del manga "Prison School".

The Pale One – March 7, 2018

I would love a one-shot lemon capturing this image


R.Mercer2855 wrote on March 6, 2018

I have reached #69

I have finally achieved the pinnacle of this website. I have reached rank number 69, if everyone stopped liking my content i wouldnt care. I have achieved everything I could in life thank you