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I am unknown474

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I'm a Australian born Chinese-Malaysian. Been living in Melbourne all my life.

My interests

Playing video games, watching anime, reading manga, watching action movies.

I listen to a lot of audio books instead of reading because I spend a bit of my time driving around and also busy with my other hobbies.

I'm normally playing games on my PC or sometimes consoles.

I enjoy watching hentai and reading erotic manga/doujins, and watching a variety of porn genres.

Some of my favourite hentai artists include: Tsukino Joygi, Hakaba, Hinemosu Notari, Inomaru, Kamirenjaku Sanpei, Magoroku, Hana Hook, Kusatsu Terunyo, Takasugi Kou, Tsuya-Tsuya, Tuna Empire.

I generally love stories involving an older female with a younger male. Also dark skin girls for some reason.

When it comes to traps/transexual, I like them to look really feminine. Not into men in wigs. I love porno that has a trap/transexual that dominates a strong masculine character. I often do enjoy pornos where a man dominates a trap/transexual

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What I've been saying

unknown474 – Oct. 15, 2017

Hmm. All the pages are accounted for. The translated may have missed something and probably re-release it the future if that is so.

unknown474 – Oct. 13, 2017

Beatles and Iron Maiden

unknown474 – Oct. 10, 2017

Thanks for pointing that out. I just fixed it

unknown474 – Sept. 5, 2017

Hey, my upload problem has been fixed. Thanks for your help.

unknown474 – Sept. 1, 2017

I'm on Windows 7, using Chrome Incognito. I tried used FireFox Private Mode and normal mode also. I tried on another computer using Windows 7 and Chrome Incognito. I'm finally able to upload some pics, but it's taking ages just to upload 11mb. I'm capping at 4 kbs per second, when I use to rea …

unknown474 – Aug. 29, 2017

Fixed it. Thanks for pointing that out.


What People Say to Me

adamvf – Oct. 16, 2017

this would be so much better if there was less train fondling and more of this...

lithium – Oct. 16, 2017

>implying there was any other type of olddog rewrite

unknown474 – Oct. 15, 2017

Hmm. All the pages are accounted for. The translated may have missed something and probably re-release it the future if that is so.

Dirtyy – Oct. 14, 2017

There's just no way in hell I'm going to trust a voice. I don't care how tempting the offer is

Dirtyy – Oct. 14, 2017

Well that was easy. No need to stay calm now

sweet_H – Oct. 12, 2017

The confession of a GOD!

Raznaak – Oct. 12, 2017

Not complaining, but HOW were those small shorts hiding THAT???


unknown474 wrote on Sept. 1, 2017

Pics not uploading in albums

Hi guys, I've been trying to upload some pics in some albums but for some reason the files aren't being uploaded. It keeps saying: "An unknown error occurred. Please contact the admin."

I've also tried using a different computer and internet connection from my phone to see if it did anything else but I'm still getting the same error.

Has this been happening to anyone else?


I just tried uploading a video to youtube. It was 119MB and it was finished within 15 minutes…


unknown474 wrote on Aug. 25, 2017

Need Help with album images

Hi guys, I accidentally added some pics to an album and I was wondering if it was possible to delete those images. Thanks